“Failure to Launch” Syndrome

While not an actual diagnosis, Failure to Launch syndrome refers to a phenomenon experienced by young adults who have struggled to transition into adulthood. Because of many factors including certain styles of parenting, cultural and economic changes, and technological advancements, today’s young adults are struggling to “launch.”

Young adults with this syndrome may struggle developing direction or purpose for their lives. This can lead to low mood, feeling bored or anxious, and spending increasing amounts of time at home on social media, watching TV or movies, or playing video games.

Failure to Launch may include:

  •     Feeling anxious, depressed, or lacking goals or motivation
  •     Having family disagreements about responsibilities of living at home (chores, when to move out, etc)
  •     Feeling anxious and avoidant about social or professional situations
  •     Failing to maintain employment or stay in school
  •     Difficulty making and following through with decisions
  •     Difficulty assuming adult responsibilities and tolerating stress that comes with it

If any of these sound like you, I am here to help. Therapy and structure can help young adults successfully transition into adulthood. Often, “Failure to Launch” is related to low self-esteem and lack of self-efficacy, which can be addressed and treated.

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