LGBTQIA+ Individual Therapy

Affirming and supportive therapy for LGBTQIA+ Individuals

Do you feel you exist outside of the heteronormative-cisgender framework?

Would you benefit from a safe and confidential space in which you can question or explore your identity?

Have you been thinking of starting therapy, but worry you won’t find a therapist who understands and accepts you?

Could you use a safe space to process your feelings and assess your goals?

Are you seeking transition and need a letter for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or a gender affirming surgery?

Perhaps you simply want someone to talk to that is trust-worthy and knowledgeable without your gender identity or sexual orientation taking front and center stage.

If any of the above describes you, we may be a good fit for therapy. Therapy is never a place for judgement, bias, or marginalization. Unfortunately, some individuals have had experiences with incompetent or biased therapists.

Stigma and oppression, in any form, are an impediment to the well-being of those who experience it. Given the stressors that LGBTQ groups must confront, such as homophobia, misinformation, prejudice, coming out, and discrimination, finding a therapist who is openly LGBTQ-friendly or who specializes in LGBTQ issues is crucial to your personal growth and maintaining mental health.

As an therapist who is trained in queer-theory and has a minor in gender studies, I am committed to helping clients of all genders, sexual identities and expressions feel not only safe but respected and heard. Therapy is a place to become our most authentic, true selves; Never to suppress or overlook aspects of ourselves to please others.

If you or someone you know is seeking help from a competent and LGBTQ-friendly therapist, contact me today. I would be happy to speak with you about how I can help.