Sex Therapy

Many people struggle with issues related to sex, but feel too embarrassed or ashamed to acknowledge them and ask for help. The truth is that sex is a normal part of life and when we are not feeling like ourselves, it may manifest sexually. Other factors such as trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, and stress can have an impact on our sexual and psychological health, as well.

How does Sex Therapy work?

As a sex therapist, I work to create a comfortable and professional environment in which you can openly express your concerns and needs. From there, we work together to uncover what is disrupting your sexual health and functioning, and create a plan to meet your goals. This may include discussing past sexual experiences, beliefs and cultural perceptions of sex, and personal insecurities and fears.

Sexual Concerns May Include:

  • Anxiety/fear about or during sex
  • Erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Sexual interests that are upsetting or confusing
  • Excessive desire for sex (“sex addiction”)
  • Loss of sexual interest
  • Excessive pornography use
  • Difficulty communicating with a partner about sex

If you have thought about working through your sexual problems but are not sure how to talk about it, I can help. Contact me today for a free consultation where I can address any questions you may have.